AI Writing + Heavy Human Editing To Ensure Your Content Is “Helpful”

Stop sleeping at night with one eye open, wondering when the “Google slap” will hit because you “one-click create and publish” AI content blindly. Save 80%+ of human writer costs while ensuring you provide value to your readers.

Have us create and edit your AI content from scratch or provide content from your favorite AI writing tool and have us do all the editing. Publish highly affordable, high-quality content that delights your readers and makes you more money.

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Premium Fact-Checking

Let’s face it, AI makes stuff up more than anyone likes to admit. Skeptical? Don’t take our word for it. Read this, watch this and even hear it from the horse’s mouth here (Q3 and Q4). This could kill credibility with your readers and tank your rankings, especially since everyone is already jumping on the “one-click” create/publish bandwagon.

Our human editors are trained to approach every statement and claim in your article with a “Says who?” mindset, and unlike some of our competitors, we don’t verify facts by randomly googling them to see if the first result says they’re true. 

Our unique fact-checking process involves in-depth research including verifying a website’s credibility/authority through various SEO/authority checking tools, going to the “source” when there are studies involved, and even judging how strong a study is by looking at citations and the reputation of the publishing entity.

In our final report, we’ll include whether each claim passed or failed fact-checking. If we’re unable to prove or disprove a statement or claim, it’ll be labeled as “Unverifiable”. Only statements that pass fact-checking are included in the final draft. We’ll also link directly to the most credible source/study we’ve found that backs it up.

Manual Search Intent Analysis and Outline Optimization

While testing one of the popular AI writing tools (powered by the latest GPT-4), the title of the article required was “Is Honey Safe for Dogs?”. Using the “one-click generator”, the first heading in the article was “What is honey?”. Need we say more?

We train our editors to stop at each paragraph and ask “When someone Googles X, do they already know this?”, “Do they WANT to know this?”, “Does this give them exactly what they’re looking for or is it related but tangential (so can be removed or added in a later section)? 

Editors also Google your term manually and review the top results to gauge what Google believes is the best way to serve this query. They will also pull competitor outlines to make sure your article isn’t missing anything major and if it is, that will be included in the report.

Sentence-by-Sentence “Fluff Filtration” and Tone Improvement

Depending on the prompt, the topic and a variety of other aspects, AI writing tools can often struggle to “get to the point” and they can be notorious for repeating themselves over and over. Also occasional overly formulaic sentences can sound robotic, dry and unengaging. 

Our editors examine flow and how each idea leads to the next. They’re trained to judge whether the same statement or piece of information can be delivered in fewer words (i.e: conciseness) and whether each new sentence adds to the conversation and how the article will be affected (IF it will be affected) in case that sentence is removed.

We’ll also address “robotic” statements that stand out in particular and need “touch ups” to sound better. Please note that the service does not include complete paragraph or frequent full-sentence rewriting.

All SEO Essentials Included

By default, our editors will include a meta title and description. You can also share up to 3 keywords to be included in the article. Our editors will try to add them in naturally so they don’t hinder flow, which will always be our priority.

If SERPs for your main keywords also show a featured snippet, we’ll optimize your article to target that featured snippet as well. Need Frase/SurferSEO optimization or more keywords to be included in the article? Need internal link building or posting to your WordPress website? Take a look at our addons at checkout.

Full Reporting Right inside Google Docs if you provide the content

Want to provide your own AI content and clearly be able to see the results of the editing? We work right inside Google Docs and will share full editing access with you so you can see everything in full transparency. We will add relevant comments on fact-checking results, redundant/fluff sentences, improvements and touch ups…etc.

You’ll be able to review both the “issues” we’ve found in the original draft as well as the final draft after cleaning up everything. If you have questions you can interact with our team by responding to comments directly.


Q1: What exactly is included in this service?

This service provides AI writing from scratch + heavy human editing. Or, if you prefer to provide the AI content yourself, we’ll do the editing. The core service focuses on the 5 pillars described above. Our goal is to help you maintain the incredible cost savings you get from AI writing tools while “taming that beast” by living, breathing humans to minimize any potential likelihood of blowback from Google updates.

In case we’re doing all the writing from scratch, the deliverables will be the final articles. However, if you’re providing the content yourself, we will deliver: 1) a cleaned-up version of your article. 2) an annotated/commented version of your original article identifying the issues found for full transparency.

We do offer additional services like posting to your WordPress blog, internal link building, SurferSEO/Frase optimization as part of our “addons” (more on that below).

Q2: What do you need from me?

If we’re doing everything from scratch, you’ll just need to provide keywords/topics and briefs/special instructions and target word counts for each article. Our client portal will guide you once you complete your purchase.

If you’re providing the AI content yourself, you’ll also need to share a google drive link containing the generated articles, in addition to the above requirements.

Q3: Are there topics/niches you don’t work with?

Yes, we can’t work with any of the following niches/topics at this time:

  • Anything illegal such as hacking, piracy, drugs, violence….etc
  • Pork-related topics
  • Tattoos and tattoo-related services, products…etc
  • Adult-related topics like dating, casino, gambling (including any and all topics related to betting), porn, adult comics…etc
  • Weapons and firearm reviews, how-tos, tips…etc.
  • Anything that promotes nudity or sexual acts
  • Alcohol, foods containing alcohol or any device/method/equipment/technology/setup that involves or facilitates drinking, or the consumption of any foods or liquids with alcohol content.
  • Any form of smoking or any device/method/technology that involves or facilitates the inhalation of biologically reactive gases (even if legalized in a particular city or state)
  • Anything that is related to promoting cash advances, cash loans or any form of interest-based lending
  • Spiritual or religious topics (science-based self-help topics are okay)
Q4: Can you post to my website, add a featured image, in-article images…etc?

Sure, this service is offered as part of our “addons” and can be selected at checkout. It’s charged on a per-article basis.

Q5: Will you pass AI detection tools?

We’ve debated adding this as an “addon” at length internally but ultimately decided against it for 3 reasons:

1) Google has come out and said very clearly that they’re not against AI content as long as it’s high-quality content.

2) Even if you don’t trust Google’s word on this, a recent study claims it’s “mathematically impossible” to detect AI content.

3) Our internal testing has shown horrendous false-positive rates even with the biggest names in the AI content detection industry. We tested random Bible verses (scored 100% AI) and a paragraph from a novel by Ernest Hemingway (published 1926, just a bit before AI writing became a thing) and that tested 79% AI. Here’s the exact content we tested.

For those reasons, even though providing such a service would be an opportunity to make more money, we don’t currently provide it and as such cannot guarantee any specific “AI scores”.

If despite everything above there’s still a big demand for this, we may introduce it in the future but our stance on it will not change: we don’t think you should spend money on “AI detection passing” services.

Q6: Can you do internal link building?

Yes, this is also part of our addons. You can either provide a list of URLs you want us to find linking opportunities for or let us find related articles and link to them on our own. Just order the “internal linking” extra at checkout.

If you own an internal link plugin such as Link Whisper and would like us to use it or have any other specific requirements as to how internal links should be built, please make sure you include that information with your order too.

Q7: When you find inaccurate facts, will you replace them with the correct ones?

So this will depend entirely on each specific case. Say, for instance, your original AI article says a certain phone’s battery capacity is 3000 mAh. While fact-checking to verify this information, our editors found this to be inaccurate as the manufacturer’s website says it’s 3500 mAh.

Because the correct information was actually found during the fact-checking process, it’ll be used. However, if a certain fact is refuted but replacing it would require additional original research to source alternative facts, that would fall beyond the scope of this service, so in that case the inaccurate claim would just be removed from the final draft.

Q8: Are the editors niche experts with years of experience in my field?

Our editors are trained to understand and address AI weaknesses when it comes to content writing. While we try to match you with editors interested in your particular field, we don’t guarantee that any particular editor will have hands-on experience in your niche.

Q9: What if I need a different number of words than available in your packages?

We offer preset packages that cannot be modified manually. Remember, you can split the number of words in your order between as many articles as you want, as long as the length of each is 500 words long. If that still doesn’t work, you can either order a larger package and roll over your remaining words to the following order, or order a smaller one and postpone the articles that didn’t “fit” for a future order.

Q10: Can I pay now and submit my order requirements later?

Order requirements must be submitted in full within 7 days of payment for orders of 20,000 words or below otherwise your order will be refunded. For orders above 20,000 words, you must submit at least 25% of your order within 7 days. Once those are delivered, you must submit another 25% and so on until your order is fully delivered.

Q11: Can you fact-check everything under the sun?

As long as we can actually understand the claim/statement and can find reliable sources on the web to verify those claims, then yes. Any highly technical topic (such as programming) that requires first-hand experience or a specific background will not be a good fit.

Q12: Will the articles pass the Copyscape plagiarism check?

Any decent AI writing tool should be able to pass plagiarism checks easily. We encourage you to check your articles before submitting an order with us. If there are a couple of sentences that trigger a Copyscape result, we’re happy to rewrite them. However, if Copyscape detects extensive plagiarism that will require rewriting multiple paragraphs to pass, that will fall beyond the scope of this service.

Q13: Can I add more keywords to be included or ask for SurferSEO/Frase Optimization?

Yes, please select the Frase/SurferSEO optimization extra at checkout.

Q14: Can you also write the articles for me using AI tools or do you just edit the articles I provide?

This service includes both but we can also do editing only if you’ve already generated the content. The same rate applies in both cases.

Q15: Can you do a human-written intro to increase engagement?

Yes, a few clients asked for this and it’s now included as part of our addons. You can select it at checkout and our editors will replace the AI intro with 50-100 words of original content that they will write themselves. If you have specific requirements for your intro please make sure you submit those with your order.

Q16: I’m not sure how I feel about pricing. Convince me.

So the world has changed and you can now get decent content while saving 95%+ of what you used to pay to human writers. Problem is, AI is ridiculously convincing when it comes to fabricated facts. There’s just no way to tell because everything it writes sounds plausible. You just have to manually check everything which is likely not the best use of your time. That is one weakness, among a few other major ones.

This service is an opportunity to save, say 70% of your costs instead of 95%+ while giving you a lot more peace of mind and a degree of certainty that when someone googles something and lands on your website, they’re going to find what they want and the information will be accurate and helpful.