New Customer?

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your interest in ordering one of our higher-priced services. We truly appreciate your faith and trust in us!

In order to protect both you and us, we’ve limited the size of new orders for first-time customers. If you’re seeing this page then you’ve unfortunately hit that limit. If you’re a returning customer, these limits don’t apply, you can order any service through your client control panel or by contacting us.

Why the annoying restriction?

We’ve had customers order and pay for our most expensive services only to later discover they’re in a niche we don’t work with like adult or gambling, or they want us to work with an extremely complex medical topic that only a medical professional would be qualified to tackle.

We’d then have to issue a $1K+ refund. Our credit card processing partners aren’t exactly too fond of this. Same thing happens if a client has unrealistic expectations or needs that are way too specific.

Refunds cause a lot of hassle and damage our reputation with payment partners. Once we’ve established that we’re a good fit after the client’s first order is successfully¬†completed, the risk of issues occurring further down the road is then heavily minimized so they can then freely order higher-priced services without restrictions.

One other reason to limit larger orders is that we tend to get swamped pretty quickly when we open up larger orders to the public. We want to prioritize long-term clients when it comes to larger orders to avoid having their orders “compete” in the system with huge orders coming in from first-time clients.

We truly appreciate your understanding and we’re looking forward to working with you! Please let us know if you have any questions.