I’ve been impressed with Content Pit! The writing has been on par with what I get from more expensive authors and Content Pit is willing to use my templates and even format the content for me in WordPress. I continue to order new content for my niche sites from this service.

Spencer Haws

Founder, NichePursuits.com

I own and manage a portfolio of affiliate websites and like most SEO’s in a similar position, I am constantly on the hunt for scalable sources of quality content. I’ve worked with agencies, placed orders on content marketplaces, and have even hired “subject matter” experts from the common freelancer platforms. I’ve been working with Content pit for about 2 months now and I have been beyond impressed with their work. I would say their content is just as good as content that cost twice at much from other providers…but that would be a lie! Content Pit provides better quality for a lower price than the competition. s.

Tom Chilton

Gray Snapper Media

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Content Pit from FB groups I’m a member of, so I finally take the plunge and ordered 2,000 word product review. To be honest, I was a little nervous because their rates are a bit higher from what I normally pay to my writers. When I got the content, I was so impressed! The content was well-researched. I love that the writer followed all my instructions. My only complaint was the turn around time. It took almost two weeks to get my order completed. That said, the quality of the content made up for it!

Tessah Aihara

Rayo Creatives

This was my first time using a content writing service. Youseff and his staff are extremely professional and answered all of my questions. I provided general outlines of the articles I wanted written, some being more detailed than the other. All of the articles I received were high quality and exactly what I was looking for. I’m sure to be a repeat customer.
Rose Churchill

Spark Lark

I would recommend Content Pit, and I am impressed with the on-time delivery of the content. The quality is excellent, and I will likely go back to Content Pit and order some more. The readers loved the material, and it inevitably brought traffic to my new website. It rendered it a significant value, and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for being so awesome!

Vibha Sagar

Parents Doodle

Not my first request and won’t be my last. Great job on the writing, I didn’t have to make any changes at all. Just publish.

John Murphy

Ebike Generation

Pound for pound (dollar for dollar) the best content I’ve bought, can’t be beaten on price and the quality is right up with articles that I’ve spent 3 or 4 times as much on. I’ll definitely be back for more very soon!
Dan Richardson

Stamp Helper

Content Pit has reasonably-priced content writing with an excellent turnaround time. If you’re looking for help with your website or blog, Content Pit is an excellent resource for quality, affordable content.
Julie Hayes

Electric Scooters Hub

Content Pit went above and beyond to make sure that my ordered content was the best it possibly could be. I have a site in a particularly difficult niche, and the articles I ordered were for very obscure keywords. Not only did the team reach out and keep me in the loop along the way, they also did a great job of clarifying ahead of time some questions about these extremely difficult posts. As you’d expect with this customer service, the content I got back was absolutely incredible!
Sean O.

The Pedal Kayak

I came across Content Pit through Niche Pursuits and it looked like exactly the service i’ve been searching for as they offer quality content on a variety of subjects. The service and content quality I received was very good and I look forward to ordering regular content from Content Pit thanks so much!
Mark Plummer

Aegis Bicycles

I’ve only placed one order with ContentPit so far but I had a really good experience. The content was high quality and was delivered in a timely manner. There was one minor correction that I requested and their customer support handled it quickly — no questions asked. I definitely recommend their services and will be placing more orders soon.
Brant Reader

Readerprises LLC

Content Pit does an amazing job going in-depth with their articles. Little to no editing required, which is hard to find with most other agencies offering content at these prices. Content Pit writes content with bloggers in mind, and they truly care about your success. I highly recommend!
Cam Russo


This is a great service if you’re looking for content whether that is informational or review type. I found it through Niche Pursuits and liked the content on his site. I ordered 10000 words broken into 1000 word articles which were excellent, no rewriting required and they were on point and easy to read. I also ordered a 3000 word article which covered exactly what I needed. I was hoping for articles that didn’t need editing and these certainly fit the bill.The cost of the package was reasonable which is perfect for a small business like mine. The turnaround was good and feedback was quick. I have already recommended this service to others who want a good service at an affordable price.
Linda Stubbs


I heard about Content Pit early in 2020, after I began a niche website program. At the time, I had nothing to compare it with, so I choose another service. The articles I received from the other site were decent and the staff interaction was great, but with the cost was wasn’t insignificant. In addition to the writer‘s charge, there was a monthly fee. I just thought that was normal.
During my website journey, I was discussing content with a fellow student and she had used Content Pit was very pleased. I decided to look into the cost and quality of the material.
The first thing that I connected with was the way their pitch was put out. (For those who lead with your hearts, you should understand me, those who are more analytical, you can wait until I discuss the results) Their tone was sincere, intelligent, and straight forward. It basically said, ‘we will do everything we can to met your needs, but don’t treat us like suckers. It a fair deal; we both have parts to play and it will turn out well or we can each walk away with what we came with.’
After reviewing some of their work, I decided to do 5,000 words; broken into 4 separate articles. The price was reasonable. It was a couple of hundred dollars lower than a top writer (5 ⭐️) at the other site would have charged me. Of course, it was only $75.00 less than I could have gotten from the other site’s 3 star ⭐️ writer. I’m not even including the monthly payment I incur for the privilege of accessing their Writers.
Now, I waited for the results. Then the world shifted shortly after I placed the order: Schools and Restaurants closed, Social Distancing, etc. The coronavirus was starting to take a toll on the U.S. and the planet.
I received 3 articles back within the time frame specified with the last one following a day or two later. They communicated with me about the last one being a day or so behind. It didn’t really matter, I wanted to see the quality of the first three! It was great content; well organized and written.
I would recommend Content Pit to anyone looking for a very good source of material at a reasonable rate from good people.
Anthony Emmi

Creative Powerful Mind, LLC