Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who writes my content?

Our competitors shout “Native speakers! Native speakers! Native speakers!”. The truth is, we don’t care where our speakers come from. We only care about three things: impeccable English, excellent research skills, and commitment to deadlines. You’d be surprised how many people from non-English speaking countries receive their education in local British and American schools. To prove my point, the writer of this page himself (yours truly) isn’t a native English speaker.

Hiring from all over the world allows us to deliver exceptional quality to our clients at virtually unbeatable prices. All of our writers are required to submit several work samples before they’re even considered. They’re then required to submit a few paid tasks which are assessed by our senior editors. We don’t even continue evaluating a writer if we spot a couple of grammar or spelling mistakes, we immediately move on.

Q2: Can you write about all topics?

We can write about all topics that can be researched. Our writers are great at research, but they’re not subject matter experts. So even though they can write about topics related to law, finance, tech or politics, they’re not doctors, lawyers, accountants, programmers or politicians and hence cannot write a highly technical article or content that requires a specific set of skills or experience in a particular subject matter.

We also do not write about anything illegal such as hacking or piracy or adult topics like casino, porn..etc. That being said, please do note that we reserve the right to reject any order and fully refund it with or without stating a reason.

Q3: Can I use the same writer?

Our editors distribute work among writers according to their workload and their areas of expertise/preferences. If you’d like to work with a specific writer, we may or may not be able to accommodate your request depending on the aforementioned circumstances.

Rest assured that regardless of who writes your content, it’s never delivered to you before being vetted by an editor. If the quality is not up to our standards, the content will be sent back for revisions or assigned to another writer for a complete rewrite.

Q4: Can I see some writing samples?

Sure thing! Please view our samples page for details.

Q5: Do you use any software to generate content?

Absolutely not. We only use Google Docs as well as spelling/grammar checking tools to write our content. The content would then be run through a premium plagiarism checker to make sure it’s 100% original.

Q6: Do you proofread/revise content before delivery?

Absolutely! No writer is allowed to deliver content to you before having it vetted thoroughly by one of our editors. Editors act on your behalf and in your best interest. Before you even get to review the content, they may request revisions from the writer or even have the whole project reassigned if they find the content to be dissatisfactory. When revisions or even complete rewrites are deemed necessary by our editors, they’re immediately carried out at no additional cost to you.

Q7: Why you?

Fair question. We have a whole page about it right here.

Q8: Can you write e-books, sales pages, press releases…etc?

We specialize in blog posts. We occasionally do custom orders, though. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Q9: Do you offer bulk discounts?

Our pricing has discounts built right in. The more words you order, the cheaper you get each word. We can also do monthly subscriptions for a more hands-free approach. If you’re interested in these, please contact us.

Q10: How and when do I pay for an order?

You pay for an order upfront through our payment processing partner 2Checkout. 2Checkout allows you to through PayPal or any of the major credit cards. Once you complete your payment, you’ll be able to access your personal client dashboard where you can submit order details, monitor the status of your order, and communicate with our team.

Q11: Can I change my order?

Once we confirm receiving your order and assigning a writer, it becomes difficult to carry out major changes to your order. Please make sure you carefully revise your order details before submission. If, however, you submit changes to your order before we confirm it, or if your change request is minor, it can be accommodated.

Q12: How do I submit my requirements?

Once you submit your payment, you will be emailed (and will be redirected) to your private client portal where you will be able to submit all your order details, monitor its status and communicate with our team.

Q13: What is your refund policy?

You’re covered by a 100%, 30-Day money back guarantee. Do make sure you read the details and fine print here, please.

Q14: Do you accept custom orders?

Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll see if we can accommodate them.

Q15: Are there monthly subscriptions available?

Yes, they’re not rolled out on the website yet but if interested, please contact us for details.

Q16: Where are you located?

Our team is fully distributed across the globe. We have writers, editors and administrative team members in the US, Egypt, India, Kenya, the Philipines, and other countries.

Q17: Do I own full copyright to the purchased content?

You own the full copyright for all the content you receive by default. You can do whatever you wish with it unless we have a custom agreement that says otherwise.

Q18: Will my content be unique?

Absolutely. We use several industry-leading anti-plagiarism tools like Copyscape Premium to ensure your content is 100% original. We also have an internal zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism. Contracts with writers found in violation of this policy are immediately terminated.

Q19: How do you deliver my content?

Your content is delivered in Microsoft Word (.docx) files. If you order multiple pieces of content, they will be in divided into separate Word files and uploaded as a .zip file. For monthly subscriptions and custom orders, we do offer posting directly to your WordPress blog for a completely hands-free experience.

Q20: Can you post the content on my website? Can you add images? Do SEO?

Please check our extras.

Q21: How long do you take to complete my order?

This will mainly depend on how large your order is. Our pricing page provides an accurate estimate for each package.

Q22: Can I pay now and place my order later?

Some clients like to pay for big orders in advance to take advantage of bulk discounts and promotions. They’d then submit orders over the course of weeks or even months later. Because this can greatly complicate our accounting and internal workflows, we have some guidelines:

  • Any orders of 10,000 words or less need to be submitted in full within 5 business days of payment, otherwise the order may be refunded.
  • For orders above 10,000 words, you must submit at least 25% of the total order each week. For instance, if you pay for 20,000 words, then, at minimum, you need to submit content requests for at least 5,000 words per week. You can’t “save” the order and place it weeks or months later.

Q22: How do I reach you for further questions?

Hit the live chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and let us know how we can help. If we’re not immediately available, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours or less, including weekends.


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