Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who writes my content?

Our competitors shout “Native speakers! Native speakers! Native speakers!”. The truth is, we don’t care where our writers come from. We only care about three things: impeccable English, excellent research skills, and commitment to deadlines. You’d be surprised how many people from non-English speaking countries receive their education in local British and American schools. To prove my point, the writer of this page himself (yours truly) isn’t a native English speaker.

Hiring from all over the world allows us to deliver exceptional quality at virtually unbeatable prices. All of our writers are required to submit several work samples before they’re even considered. They’re then required to submit a few paid tasks which are assessed by our senior editors. We don’t even continue evaluating a writer if we spot minor, repetitive grammar or spelling mistakes, we immediately move on.

Q2: Can you write about all topics?

We can write about all topics that can be researched. Our writers are great at research, but they’re not subject matter experts. So even though they can write about topics related to law, finance, tech or politics, they’re not doctors, lawyers, accountants, programmers or politicians and hence cannot write a highly technical article or content that requires a specific set of skills or experience in a particular field.

There are a few things we don’t write about:

  • Anything illegal such as hacking, piracy, drugs, violence….etc
  • Pork-related topics
  • Tattoos and tattoo-related services, products…etc
  • Adult-related topics like dating, casino, gambling (including any and all topics related to betting), porn, adult comics…etc
  • Weapons and firearm reviews, how-tos, tips…etc.
  • Anything that promotes nudity or sexual acts
  • Alcohol, foods containing alcohol or any device/method/equipment/technology/setup that involves or facilitates drinking, or the consumption of any foods or liquids with alcohol content.
  • Any form of smoking or any device/method/technology that involves or facilitates the inhalation of biologically reactive gases (even if legalized in a particular city or state)
  • Anything that is related to promoting cash advances, cash loans or any form of interest-based lending
  • Spiritual or religious topics (science-based self-help topics are okay)

That being said, please do note that we reserve the right to add to or amend this list any time without prior notice. We also reserve the right to reject any order and fully refund it with or without stating a reason.

Q3: Can I use the same writer?

Our editors distribute work among writers according to their workload and their areas of interest/preference. It’s not typically possible to choose specific writers to work with because that slows down our whole workflow considerably.

Rest assured that regardless of who writes your content, it’s never delivered to you before being vetted by an editor. If the quality is not up to our standards, the content will be sent back for revisions or assigned to another writer for a complete rewrite. You’re also protected by our unlimited revisions policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Q4: Can I see some writing samples?

Sure thing! Please view our samples page for details.

Q5: Do you use any software to generate content? What’s your policy regarding AI?

Absolutely not. We only use Google Docs, spelling/grammar checking, anti-plagiarism, and SEO tools to write our content. The content would then be run through a premium plagiarism checker (our current tool of choice is Copyscape) to make sure it’s 100% original.

As for AI, our policy is zero content written by AI. At Content PIt, you’re paying for 100% human-written content, and that’s what we intend to deliver. But of course, this begs the fair question, how do we enforce this, and how do we deal with violators? We have a whole page about this, check out our “AI Policy and Enforcement” page.

Q6: Do you proofread/revise content before delivery?

Absolutely! We have a strict proofreading/revision process that all of our writers follow. Any writer caught not following this process is immediately penalized and put on probation under strict editorial supervision until the issue is resolved.

Editors act on your behalf and in your best interest. They may request revisions from the writer or even have the whole project reassigned if they find the content to be dissatisfactory. When revisions or even complete rewrites are deemed necessary by our editors, they’re immediately carried out at no additional cost to you.

Q7: Why you?

Fair question. We have a whole page about this right here.

Q8: Can you write e-books, sales pages, press releases…etc?

We specialize in blog posts. We sometimes do custom orders, though. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Q9: Do you offer bulk discounts?

Our pricing has discounts built right in. The more words you order, the cheaper you get each word. We also offer what we call “drip-feed packages” exclusively for returning clients. See Q17 below for more info.

Q10: How and when do I pay for an order?

You pay for an order upfront through our payment processing partner, Stripe. Stripe allows you to pay through any of the major credit and debit cards. Once you complete your payment, you’ll be able to access your personal client dashboard, where you can submit order details, monitor the status of your order, and communicate with our team.

Q11: Can I change my order?

Once we confirm receiving your order and assigning a writer, it becomes difficult to carry out major changes to your order. Please make sure you carefully review your order details before submission. If, however, you submit changes to your order before we confirm it, or if your change request is minor, it can be accommodated.

Q12: How many secondary keywords can I include?

In addition to your main keyword, you can add 2-3 additional keywords to be included in the article. If you really have to, you can add up to 10 keywords. However, please note that anything more than 3 will be delivered as “best effort”, which means the writer will include those keywords as they see fit and may not include them at all.

We do recommend limiting secondary keywords as much as possible because forcing in many keywords may often hinder the flow of the article and make things sound awkward/unnatural which damages the reader experience. Reader experience is our top priority and is what search engines now tend to prioritize.

Q13: How do I submit my requirements?

Once you submit your payment, you will be emailed (and will be redirected) to your private client portal where you will be able to submit all your order details, monitor its status, and communicate with our team.

Q14: What are your order requirements?

You need to have a list of topics/keywords and a target length (number of words) for each topic before placing an order with us. You’ll be asked to provide: topic/keyword, the purpose of the content, and target length. You’ll also be able to add “additional instructions” for each article. If needed, you can use the “additional instructions” field to link to a Google Doc with a more detailed brief.

Q15: What is your refund policy?

You’re covered by a 100%, 30-Day money-back guarantee. Do make sure you read the details and fine print here, please.

Q16: How do you count words?

We only guarantee words based on the internal word counter in Google Docs. We count any and all words written inside the document including meta descriptions…etc. Other tools may count words differently but we only work with the word count provided by Google Docs.

Q17: Can you make sure all delivered content hits score X using tool Y?

Clients use a variety of different tools for their internal processes and workflows. Because clients typically have unique (and often subjective) needs when it comes to tools and scores, we’re unable to guarantee any specific scores with any particular SEO tool or otherwise, with the exception of plagiarism checkers of course. Our content will always pass plagiarism checking. That said, we’ll always try to hit your target scores, but we can’t guarantee it as part of our service offering.

Q18: Do you accept custom orders?

Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll see if we can accommodate them.

Q19: Are there monthly subscriptions available?

Not at the moment, unfortunately. Larger packages are delivered over batches though, so it sort of achieves the same effect but you prepay for the full number of words.

Q20: Where are you located?

Our team is fully distributed across the globe. We have writers, editors, and administrative team members in Egypt, India, Kenya, the Philipines, and other countries.

Q21: Do I own full copyrights to the purchased content?

You own the full copyrights for all the content you receive by default. You can do whatever you wish with it unless we have a custom agreement that says otherwise.

Q22: Will my content be unique?

Absolutely. We use Copyscape Premium (considered the industry standard) to ensure your content is 100% original. We also have an internal zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism. Contracts with writers found in violation of this policy are immediately terminated.

Q23: How do you deliver my content?

Your content is delivered in Microsoft Word (.docx) files. If you order multiple pieces of content, they will be divided into separate Word files and uploaded through the client portal. We also offer posting directly to your WordPress blog for a completely hands-free experience through our “add-ons” (see below).

Q24: Can you post the content on my website? Can you add images? Do basic SEO?

Yes, when placing an order, you’ll be able to select a variety of add-ons at the checkout stage.

Q25: How long do you take to complete my order?

This will mainly depend on how large your order is. Our pricing page provides an accurate estimate for each package.

Q26: Do you deliver my order in one go, in batches, or article by article as they’re written?

For orders fewer than or equal to 30,000 words, your order is typically delivered in one go as per the turnaround times published on our pricing page. For larger orders, the default is to deliver the order over multiple batches (batches are specified on our pricing page for each package). Batches are processed sequentially.

We’re not currently able to deliver articles “as they’re written” because this creates significant back and forth that slows down our internal workflow. Most of our clients schedule their articles to be published over a few weeks after delivery. That way, by the time all articles are published we’d have another batch ready and this eliminates any “publishing gaps” in the publishing schedule.

If your order is 100k words or more, we may be able to accommodate requests for custom delivery schedules but that is subject to availability.

Q27: Can I place multiple orders at the same time?

You can add an unlimited number of articles to an order as long as the target length for each of them is at least 500 words long. However, if you place multiple orders (go through the payment process multiple times), an additional processing delay may apply depending on our workload and will be quoted upon order review.

So for example, if you want to order 20,000 words and place 2x 10,000 words, the second order’s delivery may be delayed and we may start processing it sequentially and not in parallel. This is why we highly recommend ordering the correct package as this not only saves you money, but it helps you avoid delayed processing.

Q28: Can I pay now and place my order later?

Some clients like to pay for big orders in advance to take advantage of bulk discounts and promotions. They’d then submit their content requests over the course of weeks or even months later. Because this can greatly complicate our accounting and internal workflows, we have some guidelines:

  • Any orders of 10,000 words or less need to be submitted in full within 5 business days of payment, otherwise the order may be refunded.
  • For orders above 10,000 words, you must submit at least 25% of the total order each week. For instance, if you pay for 20,000 words, then, at minimum, you need to submit content requests for at least 5,000 words per week. You can’t “save” the order and place it weeks or months later. An exception to this is credit added to your account by staff, this does not have an expiration date unless stated otherwise.

Q29: How do I reach you for further questions?

Our primary support channel is email. Please fill in this form and we’ll get back to you within our response timeframe guarantee.

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