Heads Up! Upcoming Holiday Notice

Thank you so much for your interest in placing a ContentPit order. This is to alert you that an official vacation is coming up, starting August 11 to August 15 as per our holiday schedule. We also take Sundays and Fridays off. This seemingly “erratic” holiday schedule is due to our staff’s international diversity.

Our updated turnaround times can be reviewed below. Please note that these date estimates assume that you place your order right now, [delivery_date days=”0″] (our timezone: UTC+2).

  • 500 words >>  [delivery_date days=”2″]-[delivery_date days=”4″]  
  • 1000 words >>  [delivery_date days=”3″]-[delivery_date days=”4″]
  • 2000 words >>  [delivery_date  days=”3″]-[delivery_date days=”4″]  
  • 3000 words >>  [delivery_date  days=”3″]-[delivery_date days=”5″]  
  • 5000 words >>  [delivery_date  days=”4″]-[delivery_date days=”6″]  
  • 10,000 words >>  [delivery_date  days=”7″]-[delivery_date days=”10″]
  • 20,000 words >>  [delivery_date  days=”13″]-[delivery_date days=”16″]  
  • 30,000 words >>  [delivery_date  days=”19″]-[delivery_date days=”21″]  
  • 50,000 words >>  [delivery_date  days=”25″]-[delivery_date days=”30″]

We truly appreciate your understanding.

Do you want to proceed with your order? Please click the relevant link.

Yes, still love you, proceed.
Maybe another time.
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