As a content creator in any niche, your main goal is to stand out from your competitors. And the best way to do that is to create high-quality, valuable content.

Yet, you probably know by now that developing rich and appealing written work demands a lot of time, energy, and resources. First, you have to develop ideas and then organize them in a way where they make sense but still seem interesting enough to impress readers and drive traffic.

It could be overwhelming, especially when you have to draft several blogs, articles, or copies without assistance.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can come in and save the day. Luckily, developers have presented us with numerous AI writing software capable of producing amazing content without depleting our time and energy. 

Today, we’re exploring the highs and lows of two of these copywriting tools in particular: Copymatic vs. Jasper AI.

Both present themselves as authorities in composing high-value, engaging content. Yet, is there one that’s more competent than the other?

Keep reading to find out!

Copymatic vs. Jasper: An In-Depth Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at each of these AI content generators.


As a renowned AI writing tool, Copymatic is made popular thanks to its impressive range of features.

One of the reasons Copymatic stands out is its ability to create real-time feedback on your writing. Plus, it features a diverse set of tools that can analyze your competitors’ copy and see what works and what doesn’t.

Using one of the software’s remarkable library of copywriting formulas, aptly named AI Rewriter, we also used it to improve and revamp an existing copy. We also used it to write attention-grabbing meta titles, SEO keywords, product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, and FAQs.

Likewise, Jasper AI also has some unique features.

Out of all the amazing features we used, we found that Jasper’s Tone of Voice Setting is the most exciting. As the name implies, this feature helps you set the tone of voice for your content to help you effectively reach a much wider audience base and boost SEO rankings. So, you can choose to create content that comes across as friendly, formal, or somewhere in between.

We also like that you can choose from over 50 content templates. It gives you the headstart you need to hit the ground running.

Last, but not least, is Jasper’s latest addition to their pricing plans: Boss Mode. When you subscribe to this plan, you get access to all the amazing features of Jasper AI as well as the super-impressive voice command feature. With this feature, you can say goodbye to typing inconsistencies and incoherent semantics. Using the Boss Mode, you can create more content at a faster rate for the ultimate boost in productivity.


Since Copymatic is catered more toward beginner content creators and copywriters, it features about 50 or so templates. They’re great at providing the necessary content creation tools and gadgets to create simple marketing copy.

However, they lack advanced features like target audience selection and relevant keyword fields. These features play a significant role in helping the AI generate high-quality content that resonates with readers. So, to make up for it, make sure you choose highly specific keywords or topics when using the AI.

Jasper AI is known for its broad range of templates designed to cover almost every type of content out there. You’ll also find PAS and AIDA templates to develop marketing copy and win target customers.

You can also create templates from scratch or rework existing templates. Plus, the software tool is continuously releasing new templates and updating old ones to keep up with the market’s unrelenting demands.

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SEO Tools

When it comes to Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings, every blogger, writer, and website owner knows the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Copymatic does have one feature that supports keyword research. Through this tool, you can find trending topics that people are searching for the most on various search engines. However, it may not be enough to boost your rankings.

The alternative would be to copy the content and paste it into Surfer SEO, assuming you’re subscribed to the SEO tool. Yet, that would mean switching back and forth between interfaces, which can be time-consuming

One of Jasper’s main highlights is that it integrates with Surfer SEO. Together, they work to optimize content and drive up organic traffic to your site. In turn, this means your site can rank higher on SERPs and, ultimately, overshadow your competitors.

Another plus is that you can do all that without having to toggle interfaces.

Edit And Fact-Check Your AI Content
Remember to take your time while editing AI-written content and never skim through the draft to avoid fatal errors that could massively hurt your business. If you find AI content editing time-consuming, you can leave this job to our team of experts who’ll fact-check and add the essential human touch to your content.

Plagiarism and Grammar Checkers

Copymatic has both a plagiarism and grammar checker.

To check for plagiarism, the AI tool is free for up to 5,000 words. Any more than that, and you’ll have to pay a fee.

To check for grammar and spelling mistakes, Copymatic has an in-built grammar check. It fixes any errors and even offers rewriting suggestions to improve the overall quality of the content.

Jasper AI integrates with Copyscape to make sure each written content is original and completely devoid of plagiarism. The only condition is that you have to subscribe to Copyscape first, then link it to your Jasper account.

As for the grammar checks, Jasper AI integrates with Grammarly to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. The feature is free, but can only be accessed through the AI’s Boss Mode plan.

Customer Support

Copymatic offers reliable and speedy 24/7 customer service. You can send a message by filling out a form on the platforms’ Contact Us page. Another option is to check out their FAQ section to search for possible solutions for your query.

When it comes to customer and technical support, Jasper has the edge. Its Facebook community consists of over 60k members, all happy to lend a hand and offer tips and advice.

Some of the members include the CEO, Dave Rogenmoser, and the CMO, Austin Diste.

You can also email the platform and you’ll get a response from the customer support team within a few hours.


Copymatic features two pricing plans:

  1. Pro Plan: starts at $9/month for 15,000 words and can go up as high as $799/month, depending on how many words per month you need. However words you use, you get access to:
    • All the AI software’s writing tools
    • Plagiarism checker
    • SEO keyword research
    • API
    • Unlimited users and projects
  2. Enterprise Plan: customizable pricing plan to cater to a wide range of business needs. It has everything in the Pro Plan as well as:
    • Human editing and proofreading
    • Premium technical support
    • SEO manager and account manager
    • Advanced integrations

Jasper AI also has four pricing plans:

  1. Creators Plan: $49/month for unlimited word credit and access to only one seat, aka user
  2. Team Plan: $125/month for unlimited word credit with access to three seats
  3. Boss Mode Plan: starts at $99/month and is ideal for content marketers and bloggers. It has everything in Starter Mode as well as:
    • 50,000 words per month, and the more words you need, the higher the price gets
    • Priority client chat assistance
    • Increased maximum of templates
    • 5-day money-back guarantee
  4. Business/Custom Plan: starts at $499/month and is more suited for businesses and teams. Some of the benefits of this pricing plan include:
    • Adaptable billing options
    • Orientation and tutorial sessions
    • Custom user packages
    • Committed account supervisor
    • Highly skilled technical assistance

Copymatic vs. Jasper: A Brief Recap

Here’s a quick recap of what each AI content-generating tool can offer. We also added some of their pros and cons to help you make a fair and impartial decision.


Copymatic is an AI copywriting creator that helps users produce persuasive, appealing, high-quality copy optimized for conversion. One of the reasons many content writers and marketers are relying on this AI copywriting tool is that it’s designed in a way to appeal to new and seasoned writers alike.

Its SEO keyword research feature is a definite go-to tool for content writers who don’t want to spend large chunks of money on expensive keyword search tools. This takes us to the third reason why writers opt for Copymatic: its budget-friendly pricing plans.


  • Features a wide variety of content outputs
  • Multilingual applications
  • Comes with a free trial of 1,500 words
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Includes a plagiarism and grammar checker
  • Beginner friendly
  • Moderately priced


  • Output requires thorough editing and fact-checking
  • The free version is a bit limited and there’s no money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t come with a Chrome Web Extension

Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a web-based quality software designed to help copywriters, content creators, and marketers provide their audiences with unique and highly engaging pieces.

We’ve also used it to produce sales copies for our landing page. It’s also capable of producing amazing native advertising campaigns for emails as well as almost all social media platforms.

Founded in 2021, it was recognized as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” in August of 2022 by  Inc. 5000.


  • Features an image generator along with an impressive range of content templates
  • Multi-lingual to reach your audience in all corners of the globe
  • Tutorials walk you through all the features and how to make the best use of each one
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Integration with Surfer SEO for more optimized original content
  • Has an active Facebook community that can provide helpful advice and assistance
  • Offers a 7-day free trial with 10,000-word credits
  • Has a Chrome Web Extension


  • Output requires comprehensive edits, reviews, and fact-checking
  • Relatively more expensive than a few other AI software on the market
  • Unused words can’t be carried over to the following month

AI Writing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into creating original short- and long-form content that grabs your reader’s attention and brings in more leads. Having an AI tool can help you come up with an impressive range of creative ideas in just a few minutes, which can be especially helpful any time you’re suffering from a bad case of writer’s block.

AI tools can also help you save money because you won’t need to rely on hiring pricey content writers and marketers.

Yet, this burgeoning technology does come with a few downsides. For example, AI tools aren’t able to capture the delicate nuances of human communication patterns.

Their stylistic choices are often restrained and limited to what they already know. It’s true that they can learn over time, especially when given pre-fed data and experiences. However, they’re unable to think outside the box and provide creative outputs.

However, the one that’s particularly unnerving is that AI tools have been caught hallucinating when generating high-quality content. These ‘hallucinations’ refer to outputs that seem, at first glance, plausible and convincing. Yet, upon further investigation, turns out to be completely unrelated to the main topic or factually inaccurate.

The reason for this ‘hallucination’ phenomenon is that AIs have data limitations. They lack the sort of real-world understanding that enables them to come up with factual data on their own. So, when prompted with any type of information they haven’t been trained on, such as providing accurate facts and figures, they end up creating misleading, unreliable, and false responses.

This can cause readers to lose trust in your website and content. It can also raise ethical concerns and have a negative impact on the way readers process information and make vital decisions.

The good news is that AI developers are working to reduce hallucinations and ensure every output is reliable and factual.

In the meantime, long-form content creators need to be always on their guard. Every piece of content generated by AI software needs to be heavily edited. In addition, each detail and statistic needs to be fact-checked to ensure there are no possible errors and inconsistencies.

To Sum Up

After reading our exhaustive Copymatic vs. Jasper AI comparison, you now know more about each of these top-of-the-line AI writing tools. They’re both highly competent at meeting your marketing and writing needs by generating appealing, high-quality content.

Each one has distinctive aspects that they use to ensure your audiences keep coming back for more. At the same time, they work to drive up organic traffic and boost SEO rankings.

That said, Copymatic has the upper hand when it comes to pricing. Many content generators, especially beginners, can’t afford pricey tools, so having an inexpensive AI generator they can count on can be a real lifesaver.

Alternatively, we feel that Jasper is better suited for businesses and teams. This is mainly because of their unique features, like voice command, and flexible pricing options.

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Our AI writers can generate original content on demand. Not only that, but our AI editors can rework any existing content to make it distinctive and unique.

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