Whether you’re looking to improve your writing skills or cut time in your writing process, AI writing assistant tools like Jasper and Wordtune are your best bet.

You could be a student with a stressful deadline holding you back or a content creator facing major writer’s block. Either way, an AI writing assistant can be a lifesaver.

Several factors differentiate these tools, from the pricing plans and features to their intended users and ease of use.

Overall, Jasper provides more comprehensive services that can benefit large-scale businesses and workflows.

Meanwhile, Wordtune is better tailored for individuals and freelancers looking to paraphrase their text or adjust their content’s tone. Stick around to learn more about Jasper vs. Wordtune.

Comparing Jasper vs. Wordtune

Artificial Intelligence writing has become a key player in the content creation industry. With an impressive valuation projected to reach $1,022.3 million by 2028, its usage is inevitable. That said, with such a large market, it can be challenging to pick which service will suit your needs better.

In this case, you might’ve narrowed down your choices to Jasper and Wordtune. Both software provide similar services but differ in some aspects. For instance, while both provide high-grade content writing assistance, their best uses and the intended audience tend to differ. 

Content Quality

When it comes to content quality, AI tools may falter behind their human counterparts. Nonetheless, tools like Jasper and Wordtune have shown exceptional results.


Jasper can generate original and high-quality content catered to your brand’s identity. What’s more, is that it keeps a keen eye on your SEO performance as well.

One of its integrations includes Surfer SEO, which allows you to add the right keywords to increase your Google ranking.

You can also incorporate around three keywords in your content instruction and Jasper will add them to your text accordingly.

That said, content creators may benefit from using Jasper as a writing assistant rather than a replacement. While it may provide error and plagiarism-free content with all the high-ranking keywords, you can’t fully copy what it has to offer as is.


One of the unique selling points that elevate Wordtune’s content quality is its Spices feature. It allows you to embed research-backed statements with a reference provided.

You can also add examples, analogies, historical facts, inspirational quotes, and other quality-boosting information to your text.

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Features & Best Use Cases

In terms of features, Jasper and Wordtune offer several choices for different types of users. That said, Jasper does have the upper hand since it holds more options, such as templates. Nevertheless, both share multiple services, like a Chrome extension and third-party integrations.


Jasper provides users and businesses with a host of features. Similar to Wordtune, it also has a sentence rewriting option. Nonetheless, Jasper implements a more detailed approach, where you can tweak the content to, for instance, “explain it to a 5th grader.”

The software also has a Grammarly integration, so you can create higher-quality content, free of grammatical errors.

Aside from that, Jasper offers a large collection of templates, from Google Ads and product reviews to cold emails and social media posts.

Plus, you can also benefit from the software’s lookback feature, which considers what you’ve previously written to avoid restating it and writing fresh content.

Overall, Jasper is best used for content marketing and blogging purposes, particularly if you’re a large team or corporation.


Wordtune offers two key features in its service, including Wordtune Rewriter and Wordtune Read. The rewrite option allows you to paste your text and phrase it differently. In turn, you can change your writing style from casual to formal or apply other adjustments.

You can also paraphrase your text if you want to avoid plagiarism. The AI tool provides plagiarism checkers to ensure your content is fully original.

That said, Wordtune Read acts as a summarizer. It highlights the most critical parts of your passage and adds key takeaways next to it.

For this reason, it’s best to use it if you’re a blog writer looking to modify your article’s tone and proofread it. It’s also well-suited for those looking to summarize long-form content, such as students.

Edit And Fact-Check Your AI Content
Remember to take your time while editing AI-written content and never skim through the draft to avoid fatal errors that could massively hurt your business. If you find AI content editing time-consuming, you can leave this job to our team of experts who’ll fact-check and add the essential human touch to your content.

AI Detection

AI detection is a critical aspect when it comes to creating high-ranking content on SERP. In most cases, Google doesn’t prioritize AI content since it doesn’t always follow its EEAT standard. These standards target an article’s Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

If Google detects AI, it’ll likely rank your article lower compared to a site that appears more human-written since it has a higher chance of holding an authoritative opinion on the subject.


Jasper shows promise in slipping past AI detection. Now, you can’t expect the tool to offer 100% originality if you provide a short prompt with little paraphrasing.

In turn, you’ll want to give more detailed instructions. Next, use Jasper’s Content Improver feature on your content, paragraph by paragraph. You can find it on the left sidebar when clicking on the Power Mode icon.


Wordtune recently launched a specialized tool for AI detection called the AI Content Detector. Using the tool is also easy. You only have to paste your text to the feature. Then, prompt the tool to analyze it.

The tool will highlight AI-written work. All you have to do after is use Wordtune to rewrite these parts and paste them once more for AI detection.

Apart from that, while Wordtune does boast exceptionally written works, it won’t do all the work for you. It primarily serves as a paraphrasing and idea-creation tool to assist your writing.

Plan Options

In terms of plan options, Wordtune offers an additional free account option. Nonetheless, both AI writing assistants offer three paid plans.


Jasper has three plans. They include the Creator, Teams, and Business. The Creator plan is more suited to individuals. It holds one brand voice and seat.

The plan allows you to integrate 50 knowledge assets, which can be product descriptions, bios, or audience descriptions.

You also have access to over 50 templates, such as headlines and blog articles. In addition, the Creator plan includes SEO Mode access and a browser extension option.

As for the Teams plan, you get three user seats and brand voices, 150 knowledge assets, customizable templates, and instant campaigns. You can also benefit, as a workplace, from the collaboration tools available.

Lastly, the Business option holds all the features of Teams plus unlimited access to features, advanced admin analytics, a security review, and ongoing tech support.


Unlike Jasper, Wordtune has a free plan. With it, you can use ten Rewrites and Spices and three AI prompts and summaries per day. The free service also includes unlimited text corrections.

Now, there are three paid plans, Plus, Unlimited, and Business. The Plus plan provides 30 Rewrites and Spices and five AI prompts and summaries every day. On top of that, you also get unlimited text corrections and recommendations.

The Unlimited plan holds greater benefits, giving you access to unlimited Rewrites, Spices, AI prompts, summaries, text corrections, and text recommendations. The plan also incorporates premium support, which means custom solutions and a prioritized service.

Finally, the Business plan, mostly intended for team clients, provides everything in the Unlimited plan plus traceless security mode, centralized billing, a dedicated account manager, brand tone, SAML, and SSO.

Ease of Use

Regarding the user interface, Jasper and Wordtune are easy to use. They offer an easy-to-navigate page for all types of users.


If you’re completely new to AI writing tools, Jasper’s intuitive user interface will guide you through its services. Most of the features and tools are easy to locate. Its main tab is on the left, where you can find access to the Templates, Recipes, and Community.

There’s also the option to add a new document, choose a template, and start writing or rewriting your article or ad copy.


Since Wordtune offers relatively fewer features than Jasper, it has a more beginner-friendly user interface. After creating a prompt and getting the content, you can access a top tab that includes options to Rewrite, Shorten, and Expand the text.

There are also Formal and Casual options to adjust the tone to your liking. Meanwhile, the left bar holds tabs to create a new document or “Upload to summarize.”

You’ll also notice a diamond icon hovering near your text. It’s the Spices feature, which allows you to include research-backed facts, examples, and other information.


Customer support can be a critical deciding factor when choosing between AI writing assistant tools. That said, Jasper and Wordtune rank well in this aspect.

Both software have an extensive FAQ section for troubleshooting common issues. Wordtune has a Help Center page that hosts a couple of troubleshooting informational articles.

In addition, Jasper offers several resources of videos that help you navigate the service. 


Price-wise, Wordtune is much more affordable than Jasper. While Jasper does have a seven-day free trial, Wordtune allows you to create a free account.


  • Creator: $39 per month
  • Teams: $99 per month
  • Business: Quoted price from the sales team


  • Plus: $9.99 per month
  • Unlimited: $14.99 per month
  • Business: Tailored pricing

Why You Should Edit After AI

No matter how trustworthy an AI-powered writing tool may seem, it can’t replace human perspective. In turn, editing your AI-generated content is an essential step, whether for improving your brand’s credibility or humanizing the text’s tone.

Spotting Grammatical Errors

Even AI can make grammatical mistakes. In turn, having a critical editing eye is necessary when assessing AI-generated content. Despite writing highly informative pieces for your blogs, grammatical errors can hinder the user experience and affect your SEO standard.

Ensuring SEO Standards

While several AI writing tools boast SEO compliance services, they might not offer the best quality. For instance, let’s assume you’re trying to embed a specific keyword to your topic.

Even though the AI writing tool added it, the phrasing could feel awkward or off. Consequently, you’ll need to ensure that your SEO efforts are met effectively through human editing eyes.

That said, you’re more well-versed in your content and can identify parts where bullet points fit best. Meanwhile, an AI tool wouldn’t take as much time to analyze these structural opportunities.

Another SEO topic worth discussing is interlinking. Few AI tools offer interlinking services, but they don’t match up to an editor’s work. Using external and internal links in your content can increase your Google ranking potential and provide audiences with additional resources within the text.

Creating High-Quality Content

AI writing alone can’t create high-ranking quality articles. It needs your industry expertise, brand identity, and voice to provide more impactful content.

In several cases, AI tools like ChatGPT tend to restate information, adding unnecessary fluff to your blog posts.

Plus, some AI writing software may generate content filled with inconsistencies and non-backed information. That’s when AI hallucinates.

For this reason, you need to read after the content and ensure that it all makes sense and doesn’t contain wrong bold claims. That way, you can maintain your brand’s credibility and integrity.

Integrating Brand Personality

Your brand likely holds a unique voice or tone. AI-generated content can rarely pick up on these nuances. It can come off stiff, cliche, or unauthentic.

Editors are more able to assess a brand’s personality and integrate it into your blog articles or other published work.

They can research the company’s mission, vision, goals, and content to better gauge its voice. Subsequently, they’ll be more well-equipped to share your brand’s perspective with its target audience.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of using Jasper or Wordtune to enhance your content or marketing strategy, you can’t fully rely on them. They still require an intricate human-editing lookover.

Otherwise, you risk publishing baseless information and losing your potential to rank high on Google’s SERP.For this purpose, you’ll want to enlist our help. We offer top-notch AI content with all the human editing work done for you. Try it now and leave all the heavy lifting to us.