Do you remember the awe you felt when you tried an AI content generator for the first time? Awe, astonishment, bafflement—name it, and we all felt it!

Now that the early splendor of AI tools faded, we’re left with hundreds of new tools yet to be tested. Bing AI, ChatSonic,, Content Gorilla, etc.—the list is endless, and so are the features you have to try to reach a verdict on every one of these tools.

You may have come across Content Gorilla AI through a paid ad or a social media post, and like all the other tools you see, you don’t have enough time to try its features and form an opinion.

That’s why we signed up for it, used it to generate AI-powered content, and wrote this detailed Content Gorilla AI review!

Content Gorilla AI Review in a Nutshell

Content Gorilla AI is a cloud-based tool that provides writing and editing services with a click of a button. Being cloud-based means that you don’t have to install or download anything to use the tool—all you need is an internet connection.

Aside from writing, Content Gorilla provides plenty of other services, like SEO optimization, multilingual translation, article rewriting, and converting YouTube videos to written blog posts. And in case you can’t afford turnaround time, the tool can generate up to 30 articles in one go. 

With the help of such a tool, you can have an entire blog generating money without hiring a single writer.

Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing plans of Content Gorilla Ai at the time of writing:

Free trial for a week$1$1$1
Users1 (no integrations)1 (up to 5 integrations)3 (up to 25 integrations)10 (unlimited integrations)

Content Gorilla AI Features Review

From its launch in 2019 to this year, Content Gorilla underwent many upgrades, returning with more advanced features each time. Here’s a review of its main features:

YouTube Video Converter

The video converter is definitely getting the most attention out of Content Gorilla’s features, and all for good reasons. The built-in integration allows you to search for YouTube videos without having to exit the tool or open YouTube separately. 

Alternatively, you can paste the YouTube URL inside the designated box. Afterward, the tool will convert the video to written text, and you can start working it into a blog post.

After the conversion, you’ll find Create Paragraphs, Correct Grammar, Add Punctuation, and Add Images. When you click on each of these buttons, you get the entire post edited in mere seconds. And after you’re done, you can click Create Outline to add headings and finalize the post.

Additional Features

The magic doesn’t stop here. You can select any random sentence from the text and highlight it. You’ll find two buttons—one on the right for paraphrasing and one on the left for writing more content.

Choosing the paraphrasing button will have the tool rephrase the sentence without changing the main point. Meanwhile, when you click ‘Write content for me,’ the tool will generate further content from that sentence, elaborating on the point and adding more info.

The feature can come incredibly in handy when you want to expand on specific points mentioned in the video without enough details.

However, it’s worth noting that it’s limited to 340 characters, so you can’t use these micro-features for paragraphs or long sentences.

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Article Rewriter

If you have written content that you don’t approve of, you can fix it in mere minutes using Content Gorilla AI. The tool has an integrated article rewriter that can paraphrase long articles in a few seconds.

It can also come in handy if you want to imitate the tone and writing style of an expert writer. All you have to do is paste their content into the article spinner, and it’ll capture the key points and paraphrase it into a unique version.

You can choose from plenty of buttons in this tab, including Change Sentence Structure, Only Use Synonyms, and Reorder Paragraphs. Once you check all the boxes you want, the tool will start generating your rewritten content.

Edit And Fact-Check Your AI Content
Remember to take your time while editing AI-written content and never skim through the draft to avoid fatal errors that could massively hurt your business. If you find AI content editing time-consuming, you can leave this job to our team of experts who’ll fact-check and add the essential human touch to your content.

Multilingual Content Creation

The latest version of Content Gorilla allows you to translate your content or create new content in any language you prefer. It currently offers 105 languages, which is invaluable for bloggers and companies who want to reach global audiences.

If hiring a translator will put financial stress on your business, you can use the tool instead, though it’s worth noting that we didn’t try all languages, so we can’t guarantee its reliability.

Auto-Images Integration

Auto Image Feature

The process of adding images to an article is often a hassle. Between treading around copyright violations and choosing relevant pictures that are of appropriate size and quality, you spend a lot of time that you can save for something else.

You can now do that thanks to Content Gorilla’s auto-image integration feature. Whether you wrote the content yourself or used the tool to write it, you can click on ‘Add Images’ after you’re done, and just like that, you’ll have a ready article with relevant images added. 

Not only does it search for the images, but it also fetches them and integrates them into your content.

AI Content Detector

If you have human-written content that you want to make sure is actually written by a human, you can always use Content Gorilla’s AI detector. 

All you have to do is paste your content into the designated box, click on Detect AI Content, and wait for the tool to work its magic. It’ll show you the percentage of human-written content in the article against the AI-generated content.

It only took us a few seconds to check a 2000-word post for AI content, which is pretty decent. Longer articles may take a longer time, though.

Short Content Creator

If you want to create shorter versions of a long, already-written article, you’ll love the short content creator that Content Gorilla offers. It rewrites your article into shorter ones, each focusing on related key points. 

So, in case you want to capitalize on a specific point with more articles, you can create a dozen more versions with a click of a button.

We only tried this feature with a 1500-word long post converted from a YouTube video, and it worked just fine. Once you click Create Content, you get a pop-up window with the topics of the shorter articles and a button below to track their progress.

The feature’s only downside is that it doesn’t allow you to choose the main topics of the shorter articles. You only get to choose how many ideas you want, and the tool will divide them as it sees fit.

On top of that, unlike other features, this one doesn’t work instantaneously. It takes some time to rewrite your article into shorter versions, but you can keep tracking versions until the Completed button appears in the Status column.

AI-Powered Article Outline Creator

No one wants an article full of text chunks with no headings or a clear sequence. Unfortunately, that’s how some AI tools generate their content. 

Using Content Gorilla’s outline creator, you can rework your blog posts to automatically add headings, spacing, and formatting so they can be fit for publishing.

You can either access this tool when you convert a YouTube video or when you paste your content into the article rewriter.

Internal Linking

After generating your blog post, creating its outline, and editing it, Content Gorilla searches your blog for related links for internal linking. That way, when you publish the article, you’ll find a ‘Related articles’ or ‘You may also like’ section at the end of the page.

Internal linking doesn’t only increase traffic to your blog posts, but it also reduces the bounce rate because readers stay in your blog without navigating away. Instead of searching for relevant posts yourself, the tool will do it automatically.

Pros & Cons of Content Gorilla AI


  • The interface is pretty user-friendly; you can master it after a couple of uses
  • The annual subscriptions are cost-efficient and reasonable compared to similar tools
  • The YouTube converter is pretty efficient, fast-acting, and accurate
  • The tool offers multi-lingual support, which can be invaluable for blogs with global audiences
  • The built-in editor corrects grammar, adds punctuation, and restructures bad sentences without much effort on your part
  • You can publish your content on various social media platforms through the integrated buttons available in the tool


  • According to some users, the AI content detector isn’t always accurate
  • Not all generated content is 100% unique; you may find some plagiarized bits here and there
  • There are some malfunctioning buttons on the website that are yet to be fixed
  • The short content creator doesn’t work instantaneously; it takes some time to generate shorter versions
  • According to some users, the tools sometimes incorporate inaccurate facts into the content

The Verdict: Is Content Gorilla AI Good?

Content Gorilla AI is good for generating fast content with minimal effort on your part. It’s fast, efficient, and easy to use, even if you have no prior experience. However, it comes with its share of downsides, such as non-unique content and inaccurate facts. 

Our verdict is that it’s not 100% reliable without human involvement.

If you want to build a long-lasting blog, you have to consistently provide high-quality content, and to gain the visitors’ trust, you can’t afford to post incorrect facts.

So, despite the advancement of the AI tool, you’ll still have to edit its content to be able to publish it.

Why Do You Need to Edit AI-Generated Content?

If I’m using AI-generated content to save time and money, why would I waste time editing it?

We know all kinds of questions are running through your mind, and we’re ready with answers. Here are reasons your AI-generated content still needs editing:


Unfortunately, despite the rapid development of AI writing tools, the phenomenon of hallucinations seems to be a common occurrence. Not only does it appear in subpar AI tools, but also in renowned ones like Chat GPT.

In a nutshell, AI hallucination happens when your AI generator creates unreliable content, including made-up facts and content unrelated to any real-life input.

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Does that mean that AI tools can make up facts? Definitely! It may be a result of inaccurate decoding, distorted data, or simply misinterpreting the input. And while a human can recognize inaccurate data, AI can’t, so the facts end up in your blog post, which can be fatal for your blog.

That’s why it’s essential to have someone revise your content and fact-check it—a service we’re currently offering for AI-generated content.

Awkward Writing Style

Aside from inaccurate facts, AI tools’ writing style can be a bit too robotic for your liking. Even if it’s correct with no grammar mistakes, it may lack engagement and personalization bits, which is fair considering these tools don’t come close to the human mind. 

The thing is, there’s no shortage of written content on the internet. If the reader doesn’t like your blog post or isn’t attracted to the writing style, they’ll move to another in under a minute. 

If you want to keep your visitors from navigating away, you’ll need a human editor to smooth out the rough patches and fact-check everything.

To Wrap It Up

To wrap up this Content Gorilla AI review, it’s safe to say that the tool makes it easier for you to generate content for your blog. It writes bulk articles in a few minutes, and it converts YouTube videos to written content without any effort on your part. 

On top of that, it has some useful features like SEO optimization and multilingual support.

However, the tool may not be 100% reliable to use without human supervision. Some users reported that it doesn’t always generate unique content, and you may find one or two inaccurate facts, which seems to be a common issue in AI tools.