Whether you work for a marketing company or you make money out of running a blog, there’s a significant amount of content writing involved in what you do. Yet, sometimes, you may be too busy to write 3,000 words per day yourself, which is where AI writing tools come in.

Having experienced the magic of AI writers firsthand, these incredible creations can surely save you time and effort. But, which AI writing beast should you go for—GoCharlie vs. Jasper?

In this article, we’ll highlight how these two AI writing tools compare in terms of writing quality, features, AI detection, pricing, and more. 

GoCharlie vs. Jasper: An In-Depth Comparison

With all the previous points in mind, let’s now compare GoCharlie vs. Jasper to see which one is more suitable for you!

Content Quality

After using GoCharlie and Jasper to write the same article, we discovered a few interesting differences in content quality.


In the case of GoCharlie, we were blown away by how fast the tool generated the article. It wrote the first draft of a 1,000-word blog post in under a minute! 

While the content surely needed some tweaking to sound less formal and more human-like, it was a good start.

Other things we liked about using GoCharlie included:

  • Effective incorporation of a more conversational style (but only when you ask it to)
  • Suggests images related to the content
  • Most of the word count was relevant to the main topic
  • Highly relevant content with much less fluff than other AI tools
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Mostly factually-accurate

However, the content generated by GoCharlie was still not ready for immediate online publishing. Some of its glaring downsides involved a lack of transitional sentences that help the general flow of an article.

In addition, there was no inclusion of humor or personal experiences. More annoyingly, it sometimes uses silly words and phrases when you request a more engaging style!

Lastly, we didn’t like that it tends to go off-topic to squeeze in more keywords.


Now, when you try Jasper, you’ll find that it gives you amazing one-click blog posts in a short amount of time. Similar to GoCharlie, it’s capable of writing simple, easy-to-understand articles with mostly accurate information.

Yet, what makes it different is that it’s more likely to give you shorter articles than GoCharlie. So, you’ll have to insert the required word count yourself to avoid that scenario.

Plus, it doesn’t give you image ideas.

It’s also prone to making grammatical errors, overusing words, and having formatting issues in certain sections. While the writing is surely straightforward, it’ll still need heavy tweaking to get rid of repetitive content and stiff language.

Let’s highlight what we admired about Jasper’s writing quality:

  • Most information and data were factual
  • Much faster than GoCharlie (around 750 words in less than 30 seconds)
  • Good enough tone if you don’t mind the lack of engagement
  • Rarely goes off-topic for the sake of SEO, providing further subtopic suggestions
  • Writes better conclusions than GoCharlie
  • Does a finer job of detecting the article’s proper outline only based on the title that you offer it
Edit And Fact-Check Your AI Content
Remember to take your time while editing AI-written content and never skim through the draft to avoid fatal errors that could massively hurt your business. If you find AI content editing time-consuming, you can leave this job to our team of experts who’ll fact-check and add the essential human touch to your content.

Best Features

Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific features that make each AI tool stand out!


Once you log into your GoCharlie dashboard, you’ll find plenty of helpful tools that go beyond a simple chat feature. You can rely on the chat alone to generate entire articles, but the website goes above and beyond to give you more control over your content.

For instance, you can make use of Content Repurposing, which converts a pre-existing form of content to another. If you have a YouTube video or an already-written article that you want to change the outline of, this tool can be a lifesaver!

Another noteworthy feature is Brand Voice 2.0. This amazing tool models content to match the identity of your brand. It’s especially beneficial if you’re hiring someone outside your team to write your blogs.

We also like the Blog Wizard, which does a better job of writing articles than GoCharlie’s chat because it gives you more customization. You just need to provide some blog post details like the title, tone, SEO keywords, etc.


Compared to GoCharlie, we were delightfully surprised that Jasper offers you a wider variety of tools.

First, you’ve got the Boss Mode, enabling you to give direct commands to the AI writer with your preferences. It’s a lot like sitting next to a human writer and requesting certain parameters you’d like to include in your article!

Second of all, Jasper comes with better integration abilities than GoCharlie. It works hand-in-hand with Grammarly and SurferSEO to help keep your content error-free and increase the chances of ranking on Google.

Third, it’s available as a Chrome and Edge extension, allowing you to write short-form content on your chosen platform. Whether you’ll be writing posts on LinkedIn and WordPress or descriptions under your YouTube videos, the Jasper extension can handle it all!

AI Detection

AI detection tools make advancements every day, so it’s hard to get an AI-written article flagged as 100% human. Still, it’s worth looking at where the content by GoCharlie and Jasper fits on the AI detection scale.


Unfortunately, an article written using a simple prompt on GoCharlie’s chat tool was flagged as 99% AI. 

But here’s the good news: the more editing you do regarding the tone, flow of ideas, and writing style, the lower that percentage will become.

However, there’s a lot of testing required to end up with a lower AI percentage, some of which you’ll have to do manually.


Scanning a Jasper-written article with a similar topic and length doesn’t give you a different outcome. 

In this scenario, the AI detection tool’s report was confident that the post was 100% written by an AI writer!

So, it’s safe to say that content generated by both software options can be discovered by the most basic AI detection tool without heavy editing.

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Ease of Use

In terms of being user-friendly, we found out that GoCharlie and Jasper do pretty well. It’s hard to pick a winner in this round.

Right off the bat, the sign-up processes take a few minutes. Then, once you confirm your email address, you’ll be directed to your dashboard, where all the magic happens!

Both services have intuitive interfaces that you can navigate effortlessly. Their tools are all within reach, with clear icons and a straightforward layout that won’t have you getting lost as a beginner.


We liked that both AI writing tools offer several support channels to their users!


GoCharlie has a Facebook community that allows you to have endless discussions with other people who use the tool. 

In the private member-only Facebook group, you’ll find answers to your nagging questions as well as tips that can help you make the most of the writing assistant.

There’s also Customer Support, which lets you reach out to the site’s customer service via email.


Jasper has an all-around Help Center that includes an extensive knowledge base. You can search it for the topic you want to inquire about in a matter of minutes.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you may click on “Contact” at the upper right corner of the screen to get in touch with a human agent. 


Both AI writing tools have a free trial and different plans to meet your needs.


In our experience, the free trial of GoCharlie was much more simple to get to than Jasper. After setting up your account, you’ll be immediately directed to your GoCharlie dashboard so that you can try its features without first choosing a plan or entering your billing details.

Once you test the waters, you may then pick from the Freelancer, Professional, Teams, or Enterprise plans. Each one varies in number of templates, features included, and more.

Generally, GoCharlie AI’s plans are more affordable than their Jasper counterparts.


Things are a bit different here. You can’t start your free trial with Jasper before choosing a plan and filling in your credit card details first.

As for the available plans, you’ve got Creator, Teams (which is the most popular), and Business. Similar to GoCharlie, each subscription plan comes with different features.

Why Most AI Writing Tools Need Heavy Editing By Humans

Despite taking the market by storm, AI writing tools lack that human touch that can either make or break online content. And, no, we’re not just saying that to make us feel better about ourselves!

After using the likes of ChatGPT, Jasper, Google Bard, and GoCharlie to write articles of various lengths and topics, we couldn’t help but notice a few recurrent errors. Here are some of our troublesome findings, all of which can cause fatal damage to your business:

Hallucination Tendencies

The biggest issue with most AI writing tools is their tendency to hallucinate information. These tools often make up facts, statistics, and even historical events.

For example, we once used an AI writing assistant to generate a blog post about Amazon Handmade. When we asked the tool to write a section about the unique features of the platform, the generated list included a service that was non-existent on the e-commerce site!

Now, that may sound trivial, but imagine depending on an AI tool to write an article about one of your services or a news article that must be 100% factual. 

You can’t trust that it won’t fabricate information, jeopardizing your site’s reputation and lowering the quality of its content. That’s one step to losing customer loyalty, ranking lower on Google, and, ultimately, losing money.

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Repetitive Writing Style and Word Choice

Another major drawback to using AI writing services without having them edited by a sharp human eye has to do with their writing patterns. 

More often than not, these tools repeat their vocabulary, sentence structures, and phrasing within the same article. This flaw is usually more apparent in listicles or product reviews, where items in the same category somehow trigger the same description style.

Of course, a repetitive writing pattern is off-putting to most readers. If every section of your article is written in a similar style, your readers may lose interest and leave the website.

Crazy Amount of Fluff

Nothing will prepare you for the amount of filler content that AI writing tools have in store for you!

They tend to repeat ideas using different phrasing or words, take too long to get to the point, or write in 100 words what could be summed up in 50. 

Without a human editor to eliminate this fluff, the quality of your blog post will go down drastically thanks to the lack of high-value content. 

Plus, search engines aren’t big fans of filler content because it makes it harder for them to correctly scan and understand the purpose of your blog post. As a result, this can affect your ranking.

Stiff Language

Finally, most AI assistants go for overly verbose language, unnatural flow of content, disconnected phrases, and textbook-like style.

What’s the point of searching the internet for a reader-friendly article when it’s written in the same style as a 1,000-page volume that belongs in a college course?

That’s why a human editor with a keen eye for detail is a must to detect instances of robot-like language in an AI-written piece.

The Final Verdict

After our GoCharlie vs. Jasper comparison, we don’t think there’s a clear winner because the differences between the tools aren’t major.

GoCharlie is slightly more budget-friendly, has more pricing plans, and writes longer articles. However, it’s a bit slower than Jasper.

Alternatively, Jasper has more integration options, the Boss Mode, and web browser extensions.

Both AI assistants can help you write compelling content as long as you have the results carefully revised by a human editor. Otherwise, you get lost in the kaleidoscope of fluff content, low-quality information, and inaccurate data.

That’s why your best shot at error-free, highly engaging, and factually correct content is to try ContentPit’s AI writing and editing services. Exclusively handled by a trained team of human writers and editors, you get top-notch AI content that lacks the issues of AI-generated articles!